Diamond Armour – Slice at ARTicle

This is another exhibition from the ARTicle Gallery at Margaret Street’s School of Art that took place during November 2012.





This was something very different for me to see as I don’t think I’ve seen anything exhibited in this sort of way before. This exhibition I personally thought was rather cool and exciting as I feel it required the viewer’s involvement, which for me was friggin’ awesome, as when viewing art I feel I am able to engage more with it if I feel somehow involved. The way my eyes were everywhere, up and down, physically moving my body about in order to see things, I really enjoyed it as it weren’t the same as the average boring way of exhibiting everything at eye level!!! ;)

What I also found interesting was the way the curator obviously wanted to get the viewer involved, however still restricted the viewer from getting too close to the work, again using different heights, but not even just this, boundaries such as placing it on a stand that comes out at the audience setting the piece of work back, now this is bloody clever!

This is what made the exhibition really move me anyway, the way the curator has used their knowledge and skills in order to actively get the viewers involvement in the way that they wanted to, which is what I feel makes the exhibition successful.


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