Forward Dialectics – MSFAC at ARTicle

So I went to have a look at the current exhibition at the ARTicle Gallery at Margaret Street’s School of Art.


Wow, what I really liked about this exhibition were the ways in which the works had been presented. Pretty damn cool the way things had been put on planks of wood to present things like a projector to project an image, a projector to project a video and some planks of wood to present some sheets of paper for visitors to look at; and a television on a wooden board on wheels, it’s almost adds a sort of rigidness to the show, the idea of the show not being so ‘perfect’ I feel.

I feel it’s extraordinary the way in which the curator has used scrap s***** pieces of wood, but however have made the exhibition still look good and professionally put together, and yet it all still looks almost, yes, perfect.








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