Different Blog Sites

Ive researched some of the blog sites suggested to us, that are on moodle.
Here a few key ones:

Art in Liverpool

(click above image for link to the website)

I think to have a blog about what’s going on in a specific city is a really good idea!

When we were talking about our blog in a group meeting, we considered doing the same for Birmingham.
But we didnt want to  restrict ourselves!

The fact is has different categories I think makes it easier to navigate the whole site. It breaks everything up a little bit.

Art Vehicle

(click above image for link to the website)

The colour scheme of this site caught my eye.

It’s simple, a good example of ‘less is more’.
Also with the categories at the top makes its very easy to navigate around the site.
I like the section on contributing writers. I think it’s something we could add to our blog, so people can get to know us as well and see how we are contributing.
Which goes inline with the Artists page.
It’s good for viewers to see who the artists are and where they come from, what they do etc.

This blog has defiantly influenced me! In terms of:
layout – logo – categories – colours – and the context.

Austin Kleon

(click above image for link to the website)

I do like the personal side to this blog, but I don’t think ours should be like this!
I think our blog should be about the decisions we make and things we see relvent to making our show. Not each of us as individuals.

One thing I really did like though, is how he scaned his journals in, showing all his thoughts etc.
This should be something we do as well.

Professional Practice

(click above image for link to website)

I had a look at this site because it was formed by students for the same module that we are doing now.

It’s good to see what’s previously be done but I don’t get much inspiration from this site.
It’s focused on the show itself, but theres nothing added to it. In terms of research, examples etc.


– I prefer the blog to look minimal and simple
-Use just 1 or 2 colours
-Include a logo
– Keep posts fairly short and to the point, so as not to lose peoples attention
-Use categories, keep things organised:
Blog – Events – Reviews – Interviews – Artists – Gallery – About
-Include the writers of the blog
-Include journal information
-Have videos and photographs
-Bold title to attract people
-Document everything we do!


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