Introduction to Blog Sites

Summary of Lecture Notes from my Dictaphone

-Prior to curating our show we have to work together to create a blog
-Look at examples of other blogs
-Blog is to be used as a research support
– Blog is to document and support ideas for the show
– Every single person in the group must contribute (keep it fair!)
– Will be given a list of expectations, pick and choose what we want to do
– People with experience in blogs can help the others get up and running
– Content is really important!
– Look at the blog examples on moodle (university resource website)
– Go see different galleries and write reviews
– Take Pictures of anything you find interesting
– Write a small paragraph of your thoughts in each blog along with your information
-One persons attitude could be different to another, its a dialogue, could be fun to explore
– Use of correct language is important
– Rest of the group needs to read what others are putting, and comment back
– We’re all from different cities, you can use that
– Good to go see shows together
– Interviews, between curators and artists
-Important to bring your own style and voice to the group
-Look in university foyer for flyers, go see the exhibitions
– Look at last years blogs
– Include: Information about installing show; reflection on exhibition; thoughts about posters
– Each author needs to contribute, you need individual input as well
– Organise the information so it reflects you as a group
-Don’t just put Random stuff!
– Set out a design
– Photographs are good! Of excellent quality!
– Include artist work and why we looked at it
– Experiment with the work, move it around
– Look at Curatorial Text
– Take a lot of installation shots

(Link for Expectations For Blog Document)
(link for full notes on this lecture)

I feel confident of our group to do a good blog.
So far people seem enthusiastic and happy to do everything they can to make the best possible show! Which is great!
There are a few people who don’t seem to be interested at the moment but hopefully that will change as everything develops!


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