First Group Meeting

Group Members Attended:
Amy – Nikki – Nadine – Becky – Jackie
Setting up the blog, Design Ideas
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This was our very first meeting as a group about the show we are going to curate, starting with the Blog!

There was a debate on which blog site to use but we all agreed on using WordPress in the end.
With WordPress you get a more professional look with more options and freedom to create better looking posts with more content.

Another perk to using WordPress, for us, is that you have the option for each group member to be added as an author of the Blog.
This meaning that whenever a member of the group made a post, it would show their name at the bottom. That way we can clearly see who’s posted what.
Also, it leaves us with the option to post all group related work from ARTlife, giving the chance for all group members to be included!

In this meeting we also came up with the idea of calling our group ARTlife!
This way we look professional as a group and it will help with advertising and promoting our show on a later date.

Other decisions we made were:

Creating a Hotmail email account for the group to communicate through, so we all know what we’re doing etc. Nikki then volunteered to set this up and let everyone know the details

We all agreed as a group that it is up to each individual to check the group email account and keep up to speed on what’s going on.
If the individual does not then they risk the chance of not being included

Amy volunteered to create the blog on WordPress and then feed information about the blog out to the rest of the group, as she had more experience with blogging then anyone else.

This was a fairly short meeting as we couldn’t really get started without the blog being set up!

written by Nikki Langlands on Behalf of ARTlife

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