Research… Gallery Layouts 2

I had a look at this Exhibition suggested on Moodle.


(click on above image to view website)

I really like the way this show has been arranged and put together

Its Clean, Orderly, Simple, Organised, Light, Not Crowded.




I think if the show is set out in this style, the focus goes to the work itself, there’s nothing to distract the audience and they can see the work properly.

However, I personally would like our show to have a quirky feature.

Or to be set out in a way in which the audience will remember or can participate in.

Similar to ‘A Duck, For Mr Darwin‘ another exhibition suggested on Moodle.
A Duck For Mr Darwin

This Exhibition has interesting work that has the potential to make an audience think about it even after they have left.

There’s Pieces you can walk around, A video you can watch, Images and Sculptures to look at.

There are pieces of work for the different sensors.

Which I think is what will impact an audience’s experience of the show.


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