Research – Gallery Layouts

Whilst doing some research I had a look at an article written about a show from 2005.

It was at a Birmingham Museum and Art  Gallery Exhibition called

Nature Of Things“.

What caught my attention was the work exhibited by a fairly new artist;

Chris Jones

Chris Jones

(Click on Image to see Chris Jones’ work on Empty Kingdom)

I couldn’t find any information about the specific ‘Nature of Things’ show but I did come across a blog by Zavier Ellis in which Chris Jones is mentioned

Jones, Chris 'We, As Yourselves, Are Strangers' Magazine and book images, board, wire, dowel & polymer varnish 530x210x152cm 2011

(Click on Image to see Zavier Ellis’ Blog Site)

Zavier Ellis’ blog seems to focus on exhibitions from 2011.

 Personally I would describe these shows as ‘White Wall’.

I like the clean, spacious, simple look. It gives more focus to the work, theres no distractions.

Installation (TFCW 11)

Installation (TFCW 11)3

From looking at these images it has made me think more about the arrangement of our own show.

The lighting and layouts for example.

Stark Installation

I think it’s important for the work to reflect the space it’s in and visa versa.


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