Curation Part One

Due to having a dictaphone, after every lecture I write out everything that was said in the lecture, so as to not to miss anything!

Here is a summary of a lecture given about the curation of our show and what to keep in mind

-Need to get a theme for the show and what it’s going to be about
– Speak to the level 5 and 6 students as soon as possible
– The work we do needs to go into a powerepoint as well
– Need to create a blog as a group (Which we’ve done!)
– Visit different galleries, log it, photograph it
– Need to make meetings as a grup and talk about the show
– Put stuff your interested in down on paper
– Read up on shows and get a better knowledge
– Blogs need to be clear and easy to read, easy to navigate
– What do we want our blog to share?
– Read articles and press releases to understand the art world
-Start finding artists and work we like
– Think about what style we prefer , white cube or salon etc
-Think about the fixtures in the room i.e. plug sockets
-Will the audience interact? rules?
-Anything extra for opening night? Performance?
-How will work be displayed?
-How many works? Artists?
-Good title for the work
-Think about the space available!!!

So…… We have a lot of work to do!
Im looking forward to it though as I, personally, haven’t really been involved in this side of Art before so it should be interesting!


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